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About us

Once upon a time, Kristina and Dierk met in the picturesque town of Alanya. Kristina, a talented artist from Moldova, and Dierk, an experienced logistics expert from Germany, had a shared passion for crafts and children. When they met, they realised that they had similar ideas and dreams. Both were fascinated by handmade dolls and had the desire to start their own company to produce these unique creations. They wanted to produce dolls that were made from natural materials and handmade from fabric or crocheted according to individual drawings - dolls that were sustainable and completely unique. Kristina is a talented craftswoman and has a keen ability to create beautiful dolls. She develops new designs and gives each one a personal touch. To realise her vision, she decided to involve women in making the dolls at home. This allowed the women to work from home while pursuing their passion. The cohesion and support among the women is inspiring and helps them to build their own small community. Dierk is responsible for the logistics and distribution of the dolls. He makes sure that the dolls are packed safely and shipped on time to retailers all over the world. With his experience and dedication, he shares Kristina's vision that every doll should be made with love and care. Family is an important motivation for Kristina and Dierk in their business adventure. Kristina is a loving wife and mother of three children. The laughter and joy of her own children is her greatest inspiration. She can imagine that every child should have their own unique doll as a friend, handmade with love. Dierk is also a loving and caring father figure to his two grown-up sons. He knew how important it was for children to learn through play and develop their imagination. The idea of creating unique dolls, customised specifically for each individual child, filled him with joy and enthusiasm. Kristina and Dierk's joint company got off to a successful start and their handmade dolls are sold successfully in many countries. Kristina's unique doll lines are a favourite with parents and children alike. Each doll is a little masterpiece and tells its own story, characterised by the craftsmanship and passion of Kristina and the women involved in their production. Kristina and Dierk are proud of what they have achieved together. They saw how the dolls they made brought a smile to children's faces. Seeing this happiness and childlike joy was what drove and motivated them. We knew that we had chosen the right path.